Together (Ori & Ghost)

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Together by HonorJ on DeviantArt

"I will right my mistakes here beside you, if you'd allow me."


There was no reply; the vessel could not have said anything, even if they had wanted. But after a heartbeat, they held out a hand to Ori in a silent offer. Ori took it, and together, they ascended the platforms until they stood together on the highest one, gazing out at the bright light of the sun.


Then, as if as one, the child of light and the child of void drew their nails to challenge the queen of light.


And thus she spread her wings, and heeded their show of defiance.


So, I suppose an explanation would be in place here. This is a scene from an AU/crossover of OatBF and HK I made on the fly one day. While the context might be lost here, the basic idea was that Ori had found their way to Hallownest and became the so-dubbed "Radiant Knight," as they were the knight of their Queen, the Radiance, after she revived them from death.


But as they followed Ghost around, doubt grew in the light-child's mind. The Empty One showed care, and love, and truly seemed to be working to protect the remains of Hallownest for the Radiance's light. By what their Queen said, it made no sense. Yet here it was, as clear as day.


And in the end, despite the will of their Queen pressing on them to kill the vessel, Ori let Ghost into the Temple of the Black Egg.


Yet still, they had done so much wrong. Going up against the Radiance would have assured their death. But at least there was an opportunity there to right their wronds. And if Ghost succeeded in killing the Radiance, they would die anyway from a lack of life support. So they joined the dream, meaning to aid the vessel in their final battle.


And thus, Ori climbed onto the final platform alongside Ghost, and with hands joined in the small promise of standing beside each other in this final fight, they challenged the Radiance together.




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    손재주가 남다른 따님이네요.

    잘 보고가요

  • 2019.06.14 00:26 신고

    게임은 모르지만 저 둘이 검을 들고 있는 걸 보니 전사(?) 이런건 가요? 뒷모습이 귀여운데도 포스가 느껴지네요.

    • 2019.06.14 01:32 신고

      저도 이 게임은 잘 모르는데 knight라고 불리는 걸 보니 둘 다 아마 기사/전사 뭐 그런 것 같아요.
      귀여우면서도 치명적인 그런 캐릭터인 듯 해요. ^^*

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    이야 따님 보통 수준 아닌데요. 놀라워요. 조금만 기본기만 다져지면 더 멋진 아티스트로 성장 될 겁니다. 창조성도 뛰어나구요.

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      데보라님께서 이렇게 칭찬해 주시니 더 기분 좋아요.
      계속 열심히 해서 원하는 분야에서 꿈을 키워갔으면 해요. ^^*

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